Eastern Coral Snake

Micrurus  fulvius  fulvius

In the family of Elapidae, along with the cobras, mambas, tiger snakes and kraits.

Average size:  20-30 inches; Record 47.5 inches.  Young are 7-9 inches at birth.

Range:  Throughout Florida, and the upper Keys.

Diet:  Mainly reptiles.  Lizards and snakes.  

Status:  Common in most areas of the state and in a variety of habitat, but are very secretive and seldom seen.  

Similar species:  The Scarlet Kingsnake and the Scarlet Snake.  Please note the 2 warning colors, RED and YELLOW, touch each other and the nose is black on the Eastern Coral Snake.

How to Tell the Difference Between the Coral Snake and its Mimics

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